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Creating a Campaign for Women’s Healthcare

Regan Communications Group has recently been approached by our Cape Cod Health Care client to create a campaign promoting their excellent women’s healthcare.  Specifically, two of their showcase facilities; The Seifer Women’s Health and Imaging Center and the Cuda Women’s Health Center. A good starting point is for the entire team to kick off the […]

Being a Public Relations Mary Poppins

  As public relations professionals we need to be Mary Poppins in our own way. If you recall, Mary always had everything in that magic bag of hers. We are not only expected to have great advice in our bag of tricks, but also to have any item we or our client may need when […]

What Every PR Woman Can’t Live Without

Last week PR Daily inspired us by listing the 12 things every PR woman can’t live without. And while we can certainly agree with some (OK, most…) of the things on the list there are a few items that we think they’re missing. So we turned to some of our coworkers here at Regan Communications […]

To Pin, or not to Pin?

Social media isn’t just for you and your friends to post photos and restaurant check-ins anymore. Over the past couple of years, businesses started using popular traditional media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, but Pinterest and Instagram are newcomers to the game. These sites have visually appealing and shareable aspects that traditional social media […]

10 Tips to Help you Land your Dream Public Relations Internship

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a college student you’re most likely dusting off that business suit mom and dad said you absolutely needed and if you’re an employee you’re combing through cover letters and resumes looking for someone to catch your eye, preferably someone who spelled your name right in their […]

Pets and Stress Relief at Regan Communications

Anyone who works in the industry will agree: a career in public relations is stressful. In fact, CareerCast named the position of PR executive as one of the top five most stressful jobs in America. A recent study done by Virginia Commonwealth University found that stress is a major contributor to employee absenteeism, morale, and […]

Go Digital, or Go Home

One of the many perks of working for a PR firm is being exposed to some of the incredible events and seminars your clients put on. For example, this summer “Team Arika” got to tag along with Boston-based client, New Balance, and attend their first ever Direct-to-Consumer Digital Summit at Boston University. We got exposure […]

When it comes to Crisis Communications, Regan & Boy Scouts Know You Have to ‘Be Prepared’

Maintaining effective public relations during a crisis situation is challenging.  When organizations are under the intense spotlight of negative media coverage and facing potential physical or financial collapse – the stakes can be unbelievably high. When it comes to crisis communications and crisis management, Regan Communications has few, if any, peers in the world of […]

Marketing and PR: The Best of Both Worlds Combined

Do you sometimes feel that public relations is portraying one image of your firm, while marketing is showing another? Many companies are facing this challenge and many more. One way to maximize your dollars while building awareness for your company’s products and services is to integrate your marketing and public relations programs. The National Coast […]

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