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What Every PR Woman Can’t Live Without

Last week PR Daily inspired us by listing the 12 things every PR woman can’t live without. And while we can certainly agree with some (OK, most…) of the things on the list there are a few items that we think they’re missing. So we turned to some of our coworkers here at Regan Communications to help us out and they shared their must-haves, needs and wants that get them through the day:

1.       Coffee. Iced or hot, Dunkin or Starbucks, this gives us the fuel to manage any crisis that comes our way.

2.       Sunglasses. Event management outside in the afternoon sans sunglasses is borderline impossible. We particularly love this pair by Randolph.

3.       Pair of flats. We love our heels, don’t get us wrong. But we’re in them all day long and are secretly waiting for a break to be flat-footed.

4.       Old school camera. We’re always looking for a nice clear shot and while iphones are great, a point and shoot camera never fails.

5.       Photo of family/friends/sig other. This job is no 9-5, and sometimes events get the best of our nights and weekends. So we like to keep little reminders of those we love most in the pages of our planner.

6.       Facebook/Twitter. You can always nail down our location via a witty update on our social media outlets.

-Kelli B. Fletcher

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