Apple Launches New App in Collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

March 2015 - Regan Communications Group

Who are you? Who is your target audience? How will they find out about you? Why should they care?

  We have a passion for helping clients develop and grow their Brand!!  Weather you are a product or service, big or small, local or national we work with you to achieve a competitive advantage for your brand. We believe in a process, and leveraging your strategic vision to achieve amazing results. Let’s find a


Spring Cleaning: Why a New Season is a Good Time to Hire a PR Agency

Spring is here! A season that welcomes new growth, a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to plant the seeds that foster new ideas that we harvest later in the year. Spring is a bustling time for charities and non-profits who are hosting fundraising walks and recreational events, culinary extravaganzas, and black tie galas, before


Humanizing the Corporate Video

  Legacy, innovation, styling and function, are just a few of the qualities Regan Original Video was tasked with conveying while producing our latest video for eyewear manufacture Randolph Engineering. Randolph stands alone as a quality eyewear choice based on their enduring founding principles and insistence on hand crafting and assembling their product in America.


Picture Perfect PR Starts with Perfect Pictures

  Photography has always been an integral component of public relations, but with the advent of social media, photos – good photos – are increasingly playing an important role in PR and marketing efforts.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, websites, multi-media reporting all help increase visibility for your clients and products.  Photos command attention, and they


You Can’t Ignore Social Media Feeds—Especially Your Own

  In our line of work, we meet with hundreds of communication professionals, representing some of the biggest brands in and around Boston. Many of them understand the importance of social media and see it as a tool to help grow their brand awareness and make important connections to their customers and community. Others, however,


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