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Tips for Sponsorship Activation

Finding the perfect sponsorship partner can sometimes come as a challenge. Sponsorship opportunities can be a great way for a company to bring in extra funds, create a mutually beneficial relationship or cause and increase awareness of your company. Here are some tips to consider when exploring companies to partner with: Find a Common Ground. […]

A Career In Health Coaching

  What is a Health Coach? A health coach empowers clients to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through positive health & wellness choices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health coaching is one of the fastest growing career options of this decade. RCG NYC is excited to be working with the world’s largest nutrition school as a client – the Institute […]

The Importance of Building a Powerful Brand

  Branding is one of the hottest topics in business today. It has become the business buzzword. Indeed, some refer to it as a Branding Revolution. The reason couldn’t be more straightforward and underscores a clear business message in today’s crowded marketplace: Your brand defines the unique point of differentiation for your products and services […]

The 4th Annual Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic

The stars were back in Providence in early August for the 4th Annual Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic!  With three solid days of events, it was all hands on deck for Providence Reganites, as we juggled celebrities, special guests, and media, as well as the glamorous job of registering golfers during torrential downpours! The Celebrity Classic […]

Crisis Management and College Football

  Lately, a good catalyst for big headaches for PR companies seems to be college football teams. Perhaps it’s because they are constantly embroiled in scandals, including high-end school supporters illegally paying athletes in violation of NCAA and campus rules, and players getting in trouble with the law. According to the sports blogging website Arrest […]

Time Lapse Video is Timely

  It seems that everywhere you look lately you see some form of time lapse video. We’ve experimented with it here at Regan Original Video and we love our results. I say experiment because no two time lapse productions are the same. We’ve found that the effects of time lapse are more dramatic in smaller, […]

An open letter to the future Regan interns

As our last day as Regan interns comes to a close, we felt it appropriate to give a few words of advice to the soon-to-be interns that will walk through these same offices. Working at Regan has been a great adventure, filled with exemplary people, hands-on learning, and tons of real-world experience.  Throughout our time […]

Marketer Spending on the Rise in Mobile Ads

  It’s time to take mobile ads seriously. According to The Economist, about half the adult population owns a smartphone; by 2020, 80% will. Nearly 80% of smartphone-owners check messages, news or other services within 15 minutes of getting up in the morning. As far back as a 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits study, three in four […]

The latest on the Boston Uber vs. Taxi Dispute

Uber vs. Taxi is one of the on going battles that continue to cause commotion throughout the Boston area. Last week in particular raised a lot of attention. On Monday, August 3rd, Cambridge taxi drivers demonstrated their animosity towards Uber and similar ride-for-hire services by protesting outside Cambridge City Hall and by obstructing traffic on […]

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