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Memorial Day in Boston

  According to Bostinno, everyone can enjoy Memorial day in Boston on a boat! That is right, here is the article that lists three apps, Boatbound, GetMyBoat, and Boatsetter, that are “the Airbnb’s of the nautically inclined.” (Alex A. Weaver, Bostinno Lifestyle editor). Whether you decide to test out the waters with your boat rental […]

Knocking it out of the park

  The beginning of June marks the start of a great time of year in New England. The weather is finally bearable, school is almost out, summer is just around the corner, and baseball season is in full swing. Catching a baseball game is on everybody’s summer bucket list, but for those who don’t want […]

The Joe Andruzzzi Foundation and Team JAF

Boston Marathon training season has begun. The long runs in the cold, the hill workouts and the diet adjustments are all coming up fast and often. Yet the one thing people may not always think about is how fundraising for the race is just as important as running it. For the 119th Boston Marathon on […]

Opening Day at Tony C’s Sports Bar and Grill: Facebook and Free Marketing

For businesses that use it well and wisely, Facebook provides a free platform upon which they can market themselves. Businesses that use Facebook are able to reach a larger audience, generate content outside of their personal website, and establish a forum for interaction with consumers of their product. We recently designed and implemented a unique […]

Sports Corner: Red Sox Marketing Takes on New Team

When the clock struck 4:00 p.m. last Thursday, it marked the end to the active and chaotic trade deadline fire sale for the Boston Red Sox. The Sox shipped out six major leaguers, including fan favorites Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes, and brought in current Home Run Derby Champion Yoenis Cespedes, among others. With a […]

Chach’s Sports Corner: Nike Pulled it Off

Nike has rolled out their RE2PECT (Respect) campaign for the second half of the baseball season. This will be the final season for Yankee great Derek Jeter. I’ve never been much of a Yankees fan—but when you grow up in Boston you’re not supposed to like New York. Without even mentioning their product, Nike appears to […]

Chach’s Sports Corner: There really is no offseason

The NHL closed up shop for the summer 11 days ago, so bring on the off-season right? Not so fast. As many Bruins fans around these parts know, there is really no off-season anymore. That goes for any sport these days. Last week, this so-called off-season kicked off with the Bruins telling their fans that […]

Chach’s Sports Corner: #NHLBERGERON15

According to research from there are over 645 million people using Twitter in the world. Every Bruins fan among those 645 million knows exactly what #NHL15Bergeron signifies. From May 5, 2014, until June 1, 2014 at midnight, NHL fans placed votes for their “favorite” player to advance through three rounds of competition in order […]

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