Case Studies

  • Retail
    Regan Communications Group (RCG) has worked for seven years with the owner of some of New England’s largest retail outlets. RCG’s services for more than a dozen properties include all media relations/publicity, community outreach, event planning and staffing, crisis management, media training for all spokespersons in the region, video strategy development and production, and assistance with social media strategy and content development. RCG’s efforts around retail/shopping news and trends such as holiday shopping, tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, back-to-school shopping and the spring and fall fashion seasons have resulted in dozens of newspaper articles for each of the aforementioned initiatives every year. In some instances, such as the busy holiday season, hundreds of print articles and TV segments have been secured.

  • Financial Industry
    One of the nation’s leading financial institutions has been a longtime partner with Regan Communications Group (RCG). Currently, RCG’s primary role is to assist with a wide range of regional public affairs initiatives every year. In addition to planning, coordinating and staffing major events, RCG helps the client maintain high visibility and increase the impact of its community relations efforts. With help from RCG staff, the client’s charitable efforts are top of mind and generate a considerable amount of good will in the region. Working with RCG, the client successfully activates major corporate sponsorship deals and obtains maximum exposure from those relationships. RCG also works with the client to promote networking opportunities and help raise the community profile of key executives.

  • Corporate
    For decades, Regan Communications Group (RCG) has been the public relations and government relations partner for one of New England’s top corporate brands. Over the course of this longstanding relationship, RCG has used an aggressive and proactive approach to increase public awareness and generate positive media coverage for the client and its charitable foundation. RCG conducts media training sessions for top executives and consistently delivers positive TV, print and online media coverage of the client and its products. RCG provides expert advice to help the client meet and exceed public relations goals and gain competitive advantage. To help achieve the client’s national goals, RCG has generated positive media coverage in targeted regions across the country.

  • Hospitality
    A top resort and entertainment destination in the Northeast receives key public relations support from Regan Communications Group. RCG consistently secures positive TV, print and online media coverage before, during and after events. RCG coordinates media coverage and staffs all major events for the client. Three of RCG’s offices collaborate to ensure maximum exposure in key metropolitan markets for the client. RCG also assists with social media strategy and content. RCG’s efforts during its longstanding partnership with the client have helped the high-profile resort remain top of mind as an entertainment and hospitality destination for potential guests.

  • Higher Education
    A major private university in Boston has been a client of Regan Communications Group (RCG) for many years. RCG assists in all major public relations initiatives, from generating positive media coverage about university issues to generating buzz about speaker series to securing media opportunities for faculty experts. RCG works closely with the client on every issue that concerns the university. RCG staffs major events, provides media training and offers crisis communications support. RCG provides networking opportunities for key university officials and offers a range of communications counsel and capabilities, including social media strategy and content, video production and creative services. In some instances, RCG also offers event planning and management services and assists in securing speakers for major events.

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