Social media is a constantly evolving space where big names such as Twitter, Facebook and its Instagram subsidiary, LinkedIn and Google’s YouTube are only several years old, and other online titans and startups with new ideas are continually vying for attention with new platforms. Regan experts keep tabs on the changing social media landscape and how it feeds off and relates to traditional media. The new technology and platforms offer exciting opportunities for clients to reach targeted audiences with their messages and measure results.

Regan and its advertising agencies have stayed far ahead of the curve, allowing us to utilize both best practices and inventive methods to maximize awareness of our clients’ brands. Our social media marketing plans begin and end with the right content strategy for your individual needs. The fluidity of the medium is very different from that of traditional media, as are the rules of engagement.

Social media allows businesses 100 percent control of the message and the context in which it is delivered, as well as the ability to know exactly who is consuming it, how they are getting to it and their behavior relative to it. Using social media, you speak directly to your constituency and create a dialogue that eliminates the filter of traditional media outlets. This is a double-edged sword, and that lack of filter has consequences. Let our experts help you engage, remain at the forefront and meet your audience’s expectations.

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